Protection for Immigrants

Our immigrants deserve to live without fear of the wave of deportations that have been dividing our families around the country in the last years and particularly under the treats of the current administration, under Donald Trump.

We must reform the Immigration Act to create a legislative path to citizenship for more than 11 million undocumented immigrants, and protect programs such as DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.)

If our undocumented immigrants pay taxes and contribute to our society, they also should have a say in our local elections. First and foremost, they are people whose well-being contributes to safe, effective communities and public health generally.

During the Obama administration almost three million immigrants were deported, and many of them in our area. That is only is getting worse with the current President’s aggressive policies. Using our police to intimidate our immigrants because of the way they look or for what religion they follow, only creates a toxic environment for our families, and it goes against the freedoms this country has always protected.

Coming from Peru 35 years ago to the United States, I know first hand the difficulties of being an immigrant in New York City. Immigrant families should not live in fear or worry about deportations due to Broken Windows policing for petty infractions. We need to make New York a true Sanctuary city, and that begins by ending Broken Windows.

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  • Indigo Aguilar
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