Livable Wages and Green Jobs

Sunset Park and Red Hook have currently enough available land to welcome companies that support renewable energy and create Green Jobs. Some areas of our waterfront should be used to install turbines to provide electricity to our area replacing the usage of fossil fuels that endanger our environment.

Those Green Jobs are not “Pie in the Sky,” it’s doable. We just need to give them access. Building solar panels and training our youth for that line of work will benefit us by working in the same area where we live. “Walk to work” and save time, money and energy for transportation.

We should continue supporting small business mainly run by immigrants, and we should avoid bringing megastores that will only put them out of business.

It’s essential that any job should be paid a livable wage, respecting the basic minimum salary of $15 an hour or more. Women should be paid the same salaries as men on the same level entry jobs.

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  • mike mccabe
    published this page in Issues 2017-04-26 04:40:02 -0400