I would like to express my gratitude to the 782 residents in District 38 who supported me with their votes on November 7, 2017. I also have to commend the work and loyalty of so many of my volunteers and friends, who supported my campaign with an amazing dedication, since we launched it on April 30.

On Election Day you took a significant step when you decided to vote for me, as a Green Party candidate, outside of the two-party system. Your vote was only the beginning of a robust growing movement, and I invite you to continue building our group together, getting involved, organizing with your neighbors to fight for the main issues affecting our community. We must take control of our community without trusting so many elected officials that have forgotten us after they got elected.

Gentrification and Displacement will only worsen if we are not aware of our local government plans.

In Red Hook, we have to continue pushing to protect our coasts, now forgotten after the election has passed, make sure our neighbors in NYCHA get their apartments repaired, and also organize to get a food-coop and an affordable daycare center.

In Sunset Park, we have to be alert against a possible rezoning in Industry City.
Our city councilman has the last word in this process, and we must pressure him to vote against the rezoning; otherwise, our property taxes will go up, rents will skyrocket, and we will be priced out, unable to pay high rents. Residents and small business will be forced to leave the area.

Let's fight the rezoning and the BQX that will only benefit wealthy developers in Sunset Park and Red Hook waterfronts.

We should bring strong union Green jobs with livable wages to our waterfront in a flourishing renewable energy industry. We should have a better public school system in clean areas without pollution to protect our kids' health, and a better transportation system, with functional bus and subway service.

It is also very important that we end Broken Windows policing (now called Quality of Life policing) that is affecting our young Black and Latino population. Under this system, our immigrants are at risk of being deported. Many of them have been already arrested by ICE when they were attending court appearances.

I will continue working for the community defending every issue. Join the resistance to keep a good life in our communities.

In Solidarity,

Carmen V Hulbert

Contact me at [email protected]


Carmen Valdivieso Hulbert (Carmen V Hulbert) is running for New York City Council in District 38 with the Green Party. She is a Peruvian-born journalist, filmmaker & activist. She was an elected Bernie Sanders delegate for Brooklyn-CD7 for the DNC-2016 & co-founder of Latinos for BernieNYC. Retired Associated Press journalist & union organizer for the NMG-CWA.


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We, the voters of District 38, have the power to change our community. We must stand up and embrace our civic responsibility of voting for elected officials who will fight on our behalf and who will be held accountable for their actions, statements, and votes. I believe that new leadership must be brought to our city and it must come from the people, not from leaders of Wall Street or established politicians. This city must be led by individuals with empathy and compassion.  And after much thought and contemplation, I put myself forward for your consideration to become your next City Council member from District 38.


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